Improvisation is the core of drama. It allows students the opportunity to explore, take risks, be spontaneous and creative. Students are faced with the need to respond immediately within a fictional situation. Role-play and characterization are emphasized to allow for comfort in the area of improvisation.

  • Level A Acceptance & Focus
  • Level B Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Level C Performance (must have participated in Level A or B to book C)

Tableau / Mime

In this programme tableau and mime are combined to focus on the importance of body language. Through miming activities, Students will use dramatic actions that depend on gesture and movement, while tableau will ‘crystallize’ the moments of Importance. Students will work as a group to produce a group mime with the use of music.

  • TABLEAU/MIME Grade 1-6
  • Grade 1-3 Tableau/Mime
  • Grade 4-6 Mask Work

Reader’s Theatre

Reader’s Theatre is a tool for creating interest in literature and the art of reading. Students will work as a team to present literary works in dramatic form. Reader’s Theatre allows students to experience and interpret the language, including characterization, images, rhythms and pacing, to gain insight about a story.

  • READER’S THEATRE Grade 1-8
  • Script is different for each grade. Helps motivate students to read.

Act it out loud!

The entire class works on the blocking of a play that will be ready to perform for families or friends.

  • ACT IT OUT LOUD! Grade 1-8