All Theatre classes will start with the

A.C.T warm up

Acting techniques, Character development, Theatre etiquette

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]At Moving Art, most classes in our drama department are one hour in length.  These classes are for students who wish to concentrate solely on their acting skills, or those who wish to augment their skills for Triple Threat, dance, or overall performance. This department consists of three disciplines with separate classes in each:  Drama Classes, Improv Classes, and Musical Theatre Classes.  These classes run on a term basis.  Each term lasts for 16 classes, with a final performance with full costume, set and lights.  Term One goes from September to December, and Term Two goes from January to April.  Registration for Term Two takes place in December!   Each class in our Drama Department, begins with the A.C.T Warm Up!  This warm up includes exercises and skills that work on Acting Techniques, Character Development, Theatre Etiquette!



Students will learn how to develop character, plot and theme, while working together to perform a play. Skills learned are acting techniques, voice work, script work, character development, and prop work.


Being the core of drama, improv improves confidence, public speaking and creativity. Improv allows the participants to take risks and be spontaneous. Participants will be asked to respond within a fictional situation. Classes will include activities to help with the rules behind short form improv.


This programme will be filled with quality instruction in singing, acting and dancing. Students will work together to put on a musical. Another dance form is recommended but not mandatory.