All dance classes will start with the

F.I.E.R.C.E warm up.

Flexibility, Injury prevention, Endurance , Rhythm, Coordination, Energy

At Moving Art, we offer dance technique classes, exam classes and competitive classes.  Our competition team is by audition only and is known for many high awards, special awards and overall awards.  Most dance classes are one hour in length.  Our aim is to uphold the standards set by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association (CDTA), and provide performance opportunities for a well rounded ‘Moving’ dance education.  Each class starts with a F.I.E.R.C.E warm up!  This warm up includes exercises and skills that work on Flexibility, Injury prevention, Endurance, Rhythm, Coordination, Energy!! Dancers learn progressions across the floor, as well as various skills and combinations to be used in routines.  All students learn choreography for their year-end performance at Georgian College Theatre in Barrie.

Qualities and skills that students learn while studying and performing with Moving Art, serve them for their whole lives.  We create a family of lifelong learners.


Ballet (RAD)

Pre-primary – Solo Seal

Ballet is the foundation of dance technique.  Our ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. We offer exams at all levels from Pre-primary to Advanced 2 and Solo Seal.  Ballet encourages poise, control, grace as well as strength, technique and flexibility.  Ballet is highly recommended for all dancers.

Tap (CDTA and ISTD)

Primary – Advanced 2

Tap dance is a rhythmic and percussive dance style.   Moving Art’s tap classes focus on co-ordination, rhythm, and musicality. Tap students will learn about beats, intricate footwork and syncopation.  They will be able to create a percussion instrument out of the feet!

Modern/Lyrical/Contemporary (ISTD)

Primary – Advanced 2

Modern combines the elements of Ballet and Jazz.  These styles of dance allow for dance exploration and self expression.  In lyrical, the performer interprets and conveys the lyrics and emotion of the music through dance.  In modern and contemporary, students learn innovative combinations and choreography.  The movements allow the dancer to explore their own style and develop creativity along with technique.

Jazz (CDTA)

Primary – Advanced

Jazz students learn technique and style while improving co-ordination.  This dynamic dance style is performed to a wide variety of popular music styles.  Jazz classes include a warm-up, stretching & floor exercises, and progressions such as leaps and turns across the floor.

Acro/Tumbling (CDTA)

Acro is a combination of gymnastics and dance.  This style allows students to develop strength and flexibility. Students begin learning gymnastics basics such as back bends/bridges, front rolls & cartwheels.  These skills are combined with jazz dance and stylistic movements.  Progression in these skills lead to more difficult moves.

Hip Hop

A high energy class that uses the latest in sounds, with movements influenced by some of the top choreographers, presented in an age appropriate manner. Class will encompass movements that have elements of poppin’, locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.

Movement to Music

Teacher lead activities introduce the basic elements of dance. Students will be able to explore their own movement within the age appropriate creative structure of the class while gaining confidence and body awareness.
Movement to Music- age 3-4