Jazz / Hip Hop

Jazz and hip hop are combined to improve dance, fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance. With appropriate and current music, this genre of dance motivates and inspires performance quality while developing dance technique. Students will develop neuromuscular coordination as well as enhance rhythm and musicality and improve movement memory. Lessons will include warm-up exercises, multiple body isolations, rhythm work, stylistic movements, traveling combinations and a dance.

  • Grade 1-3 Bring In ‘da Bounce
  • Grade 4-6 In the Mix
  • Grade 7-8 Pump It Up
  • Grade 6-8 Basket Beats (integrating dance and basketball)


Modern and lyrical dance tells a story or conveys a message through expression and movement. Students will become aware of facial expressions, eye focus and quality of movement in order to communicate effectively to the audience. Lessons will include warm up exercises, contract and release exercises, stylistic movements, traveling combinations and a dance.

  • MODERN/LYRICAL Grade 1-6

JK/SK Motion

Combined, this drama and dance programme for the kindergarten student is an introduction to the creative and expressive world of the performing arts. Students will learn to move creatively and efficiently to music. Through role-play and imagination, students will be able to relate movement to the world around them.

  • JK and SK Creative Play