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Moving Art In the Schools

Moving Art programs are designed to provide in-school drama and dance experiences for elementary school students from Kindergarten through to grade eight. The programs deliver quality expressive and creative art experiences that are educational, fun, kinesthetic, convenient and affordable. The Moving Art programs support The Ontario Curriculum expectations in drama and dance while integrating expectations from other subject areas as well. The fully qualified Moving Art instructors consult with classroom teachers to ensure quality programming and to personalize programs.

  • Help students develop an understanding and appreciation of drama and dance
  • Motivate learning using kinesthetic principles and active learning
  • Build confidence, enhance self esteem and promote independence
  • Describe the performing arts in terms of values, attitudes and actions
  • Help meet Daily Physical Activity goals
  • Bring high quality theatre productions to elementary school students at an affordable price
  • Provide an interactive theatre experience to help motivate learning

For booking information please contact Moving Art at (705) 792-2877 or


In The Schools – Dance

Jazz / Hip Hop

Jazz and hip hop are combined to improve dance, fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance. With appropriate and current music, this genre of dance motivates and inspires performance quality while developing dance technique. Students will develop neuromuscular coordination as well as enhance rhythm and musicality and improve movement memory. Lessons will include warm-up exercises, multiple body isolations, rhythm work, stylistic movements, traveling combinations and a choreographed dance.

  • Grade 1-3 – Bring In ‘da Bounce
  • Grade 4-6 – In the Mix
  • Grade 7-8 – Pump It Up
  • Grade 6-8 – Basket Beats (integrating dance and basketball)

Modern and lyrical dance tells a story or conveys a message through expression and movement. Students will become aware of facial expressions, eye focus and quality of movement in order to communicate effectively to the audience. Lessons will include warm up exercises, contract and release exercises, stylistic movements, traveling combinations and a choreographed dance.

  • MODERN/LYRICAL Grade 1-6
JK/SK Motion

Combined, this drama and dance program for the kindergarten students is an introduction to the creative and expressive world of the performing arts. Students will learn to move creatively and efficiently to music. Through role-play and imagination, students will be able to relate movement to the world around them.

  • JK and SK Creative Play


In the Schools – Integrating The Arts



  • Grade1-2 – Animal Adventure
  • Grade 3 – Pioneer Life
  • Grade 4 – Medieval Times
  • Grade 5 – Early Civilizations
  • Grade 6 – Aboriginal Peoples

Students will engage in process-centred, active learning through drama and dance. The activities and role-play allow students to imagine, explore, enact, communicate and reflect upon their own ideas at their own level. Students will work towards a culminating event surrounding the theme appropriate for the grade level based on The Ontario Curriculum.


In the Schools – Shows


Moving Art touring shows will be back again soon! Our In the Schools Tours were successful from 2003 to 2014.  They will return! 

Students will be involved in the one hour interactive musical and then have the opportunity to meet the cast and ask questions.  The one hour, interactive show is available for bookings, for the holiday season.  The stories encourage children to be kind and loving, and to have a good heart all year round.

When: Monday December 7th to Friday December 18th
Where: Your school gymnasium
Time: Your choice
Cost: $4.00/student

Performances require a one hour set up time, to prepare the set and props (done by Moving Art).

For booking information please contact Moving Art at (705) 792-2877 or

Moving Art supports the Ontario Curriculum expectations from the Arts curriculum as well as integrating expectations from other subjects. The fully professional coordinators will provide classroom teachers with a course outline as well as pre-show and post-show activities.

Previous Shows

2003 Cinderella’s Magical Holiday
2004 Once Upon a Holiday
2005 Snow White
2006 Land Of Make Believe
2007 Jack
2008 Fairy Tale Rock and Adventure Island
2009 Land Of Make Believe
This show previously took the stage at the Toronto Fringe Festival (Summer of 2007).

Cast members include: Isaac Haig, Tonya Harper, Michael Holland, Ryan Jacobs, Ben Kyte, Jessica Krelove and Chris Mayo.

2010 Ice
2011 Snow White
2012 Adventure Island
Ongoing Get Skooled ‘The Antibullying Show’

Moving Art is proud to present Get Skooled, a dynamic anti-bullying show that provides students with an understanding of how to react in bullying situations and to help them from becoming a victim.

We are not just a dance studio! We are a performing arts training facility placing equal emphasis on technique and performance quality. We welcome everyone into the Moving Art family.




Monday to Thursday 
9:00 am-3:00 pm