Moving Art is always known for its Musical Theatre and Song and Dance contributions in the Dance Competition circuit! However, did you know that Moving Art is well versed in all areas of dance and on the leading edge in all performance areas.

Check out some of our notable accolades in recent competitions:

Top Musical Theatre Solo – Amariah Faulkner
Top Duet – Jamie and Justin Reisch
Highest Pointe Solo – Jamie Reisch
Top Advanced Competitive Solo 19+ – Kendra Perry (Lyrical Solo)
Top Advanced Competitive Solo 12 and under – Jamie Reisch (Lyrical Solo)
Top Competitive Duet 12 and under – Emily Goodman and Paige Bugeja
Top Competitive Small Group – Hip Hop Group

Top Junior Hip Hop Solo – Emily Goodman
Top Junior Lyrical Solo – Madison Bugeja
Top Serious Musical Theatre Soloist – Michelle Bailey
Top Hip Hop Trio
Top Competitive Solo 12 and under – Makenna Matwijec (Lyrical Solo)
Choreography Award for Kendra Perry for ‘Runnin’!

Top PreCompetitive Solo – Mariah Campos
Most Potential Dancer – Mariah Campos
Top Musical Theatre Solo – Amariah Faulkner
Top Musical Theatre Solo – Michelle Bailey
Top Trio – Musical Theatre Trio
Top Novice Group – Open Group (Boys Group)
Top Novice Musical Theatre Trio
Top Junior Song and Dance Solo – Victoria Robertson
Top Serious Song and Dance Solo – Michelle Bailey
Top Musical Theatre Group
Most Potential Junior Performer – Amariah Faulkner
Outstanding Performance – Michelle Bailey
Top Mark Song and Dance Category
Choreography Award for ‘Two Ladies’

Top Novice Group
Top PreCompetitive Soloist – Kristen Zorzi
Top Musical Theatre Soloist – Bridget Deschenes
Top Musical Theatre Group
Best In Tap
Best Costume
—to be continued this season!!