Ready to take the Plunge?

10 Guys | 10 Gals | 10 Days | 4 Awesome Trips


Feature: Tomorrowland Winter

  • Start: Paris, France
  • Date: March 19-29, 2021
  • Duration:  10 Days
  • End: Geneva, Switzerland



Feature Coachella

  • Start: Los Angeles, CA
  • Date: April 6-16, 2021
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • End: Palm Springs, USA



Feature Exit Festival

  • Start: Budapest
  • Date: July 10-20, 2021
  • Duration: 10 days
  • End: Mykonos, Greece



Feature Lollapalooza Argentina

  • Start: Buenos Aires
  • Date: October 12-22, 2021
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • End: Buenos Aires, Argentina


10 Reasons to Go With EthoVentures

1. Opportunity to live your second life!

We believe everyone has two lives; one we spend working day and night to provide our families, and the other is what we live for ourselves. You can keep your job, work on your dreams, and keep climbing the corporate ladder. But, when it comes to taking a vacation, take a proper one this time!

2. Action, Adventure, and Excitement – All In One

No one in the industry would offer you all these elements in a single travel plan, and that’s what makes us unique. At Ethoventures, we design our travel plans based on the mindset of a 20-year-old hanging out with his friends in search of never-ending fun.

3. Find Your Ethos

You were not born to sit behind a desk all day, living your life exactly the same all year long. We, humans, are curious, and adventures excite us and remind us of our true selves. It would help if you reconnected with who you are and ignite the fire that has been tamed for quite some time.

4. Party Never Seems To Stop

Have you ever been to Tomorrowland? It is one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year. Thousands of people from all over the world come to this event just to go nuts and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Be prepared to experience the most epic night of your life!.

5. Experience Different Landscapes

The closest thing to a beautiful snowy landscape or a clear turquoise ocean that people witness in their lives is on their computer’s wallpaper. People love the magnificence of Mother Nature, yet they never get up and make a proper traveling plan. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. If you love the feeling of strong winds hitting your face while you glare on the beautiful hills or sailing on a yacht in Croatia, then take the charge, book a vacation with us now.

6. Money is not an issue

Our trips are for the young and bold. We get that you are still working hard every day to achieve your dreams. Therefore, we have designed our trips to suit all budgets. If our EVT ( 4 featured trips per year) are not within your budget today, that’s ok, we can still get you on an amazing trip without breaking the bank. We also offer a payment plan where you can pay for your trip over a few months.

7. Young and Wild

We have a highly specific selection process where we don’t offer our traveling service to anyone so that we know that the people we have with us are here to have some fun and shake the earth to its core.

8. Safe is Boring

Just to let you know, we don’t offer vacations where you simply take pictures, visit a hundred-year-old museum, walk around the pavement, that all boring and too much safe. You can do all that at home as well. Deep-sea diving, jumping off a cliff, party at Tomorrowland, attending festivals all over Europe, that’s us.

9. No Compromises

At Ethoventures, we aim to deliver value. You’ll find many traveling and vacation agencies that have last-minute cancellations. That’s never been us. We make our plans months ahead as we are booked by our clients a couple of months before in advance. If you expect us to give you endless unforgettable memories, then that is exactly what you’re going to get.

10. Experience Something New Everyday

Last but not least, we design your vacation in such a way that you have something to look forward to every day. We ensure that your tomorrows are always better than you today.

Life is short, don’t waste it on overthinking… Its time you give yourself a much needed,
well-deserved break that you’ve always dreamed of.

EV Winter

Tomorrowland Alpe d’Huez


Coachella, LA


Exit Festival, Serbia

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